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Shimmer Cove Pirate Shelley Mermaid Dolls

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Shimmer Cove Mermaid Dolls are a collection of colorful beautiful mermaids. Each mermaid is unique in her design and name. Each girl is ready for her next adventure into any world your imagination can take you, or simple to bed as a snuggle partner waiting for tomorrows adventure!

Meet Shelley! Her blonde flowing hair with a eye patch, her red and white top and shimmery black tail! Approx 18 inches in length. Surface washable.

Features & details

  • She is ready for her next adventure!
  • Embroidered face features, long and soft hair made from yarn (purple)
  • Shiny red and white top and shimmery black tail
  • Surface washable
  • Approx 18 inches long and for ages 3+