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Driftwood Lavender Bastille

$ 10.95

Mudpuppies Soap Co

This gentle Bastille soap, rich in vitamins and antioxidants is loaded with Extra   Virgin Olive Oil & mango butter; both treasured for centuries to nourish the skin as it penetrates deeply to hold in moisture, while still allowing your skin to breathe. This complex fragrance will transport you to the cypress and cedar hardwood forests known throughout the Outer Banks.   Intriguing nautical notes follow, with timeless floral hints and clean lavender aroma finishes with the masculine cedar, cypress and amber. A truly timeless experience!   


Our soap is completely hand-made and individually cut so each bar may weigh up to a half ounce more than stated so we can be sure we're giving you every bit of natural goodness you're purchasing! We also cure our bars longer than the norm of 4 weeks, so that you get a harder bar, which ultimately lasts longer in the shower and adds value. We make every effort to source organic and sustainably harvested ingredients, and our products are never tested on animals (we test on friends and family). Each bar is individually packaged in a simple organza bag, perfect for gift-giving or stashing in your dresser as a sachet. Because our soap is made in small batches, you may notice slight variations in color intensity and patterns from the photo. We consider our soaps to be "art" as well as functional, so enjoy the artistry of artisan soap! 4 oz vegan-friendly bar. Remember, it's okay to get a little muddy - we've got you covered (in bubbles)...Lather up!


Ingredients:  Saponified organic oils & butters (olive, coconut, mango butter) distilled water, alkanet root powder, fragrance oil

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